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ENG: Janka from the Great Kingdom. (In English)


A fairy tale for adults and teenagers. Based on Belarusian myths and folklore, it contains many allegories for broader view of life.


Curious legends of a certain kingdom propel young Janka on an unusual journey. He inquisitively follows every cue and prompt in order to understand where light, truth and love are. However, there are those who fear the light and those who, on the contrary, are creators of darkness. The young man lacks the knowledge he needs to find his true way until one day...

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Janka from the Great Kingdom is a fairy tale that is

     1) Belarusian: mythical heroes and actors from Belarusian folk culture;

     2) humorous: amusing notes and sharp-witted proverbs;

     3) and wise: deep thoughts in the story that can be read even to kids.

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It is an electronic book.

If you want to buy a printed book (softcover, about 150 pages, 30 colorful pictures), 

you can do it on any of Amazon web-shops. You can find the paper book, e.g., by its title or by its ISBN: 9789949382057.

You can read what other readers say on Amazon.com and here: feedback